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The Life Aquatic With Less Anderson & More Puppy-Guppy

DesignBox, Raleigh
Aug. 2, 2013 – Aug. 30, 2013

The underexposed and underfunded marine exploration team of Dr. Lois Silverman and Master Clark Turner have found themselves submerged in the depths of a quandary. While searching for the rumored origin of the mermen, they were swept away by a mighty and cunning summer storm. Tossed into the drink, our explorers find themselves sucked downward to unfathomable fathoms where the team is transported out of their comfort zones of dry land and scientific method; and whirled into an alternate dimension in which they are surrounded by geometric glaciers, fluorescent fish and mad mermanimals. In this show, Megan Sullivan and Derek Toomes depict images of the heroic duo and their experiences as they try to find their way back home… but not without a Puppy-Guppy.

This is a whale of a tale… with a tail!
Artist: Derek Toomes & Megan Sullivan