Perdido en la Traducción

Derek Toomes - Para Reunir

Perdido en la traducción: Derek Toomes

Flanders Art Gallery
Oct. 04, 2013 – Oct. 30, 2013

Derek Toomes’s exhibition Perdido en la traducción produces a body of work that examines the ambiguity, disjointedness, and separation that can characterize interactions between cultures and generations. “Perdido en la traducción” (“Lost in translation”) also describes the collision of text, found imagery, and geometric forms that occurs within Toomes’s current practice. When disparate elements with different associations merge within his formal compositions, they frequently shed their individual significance and shift according to the perceived contexts provided by their surroundings.

The found images within the pieces are not simply duplicates of their source materials; for each, Toomes has hand-rendered and re-worked it for his own purposes. In such a manner, the artist creates a separation from the original figure. By doing so, he has already shed a stratum of its initial definition. Just as an individual brings his own worldview to bear on any interpretation of an idea, Toomes has subtly reappropriated the images as his own. He then goes on to further splinter, crop, and obfuscate those images through his monochromatic mark-making and colorful geometric forms.

View the full exhibition statement by Lauren Turner